Uncovered Tips On Intelligent Systems In Cocktail Dresses

Uncovered Tips On Intelligent Systems In Cocktail Dresses

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According to a new report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation , the fashion industry's current "take-make-dispose" system creates greenhouse gas emissions of 1.2 billion tonnes a year—that's "more than those of all international flights and maritime shipping combined." Alarmingly, the negative impacts of the fashion industry are set to drastically increase. "If the industry continues on its current path, by 2050, it could use more than 26 percent of the carbon budget associated with a 2°C pathway ," the report warns, referencing the threshold for avoiding dangerous global warming . The report was produced by the Circular Fibres Initiative (which aims to build a circular economy for textiles starting with clothing) and was co-launched Tuesday by retired English sailor Ellen MacArthur and fashion designer Stella McCartney. Here are some highlights from the report: Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned. An estimated $500 billion value is lost every year due to clothing that's barely worn and rarely recycled. Less than one percent of material used to produce clothing is recycled into new clothing. Worldwide, clothing utilization—the average number of times a garment is worn before it ceases to be used—has decreased by 36 percent compared to 15 years ago. Clothes release half a million tonnes of microfibers into the ocean every year, equivalent to more than 50 billion plastic bottles. McCartney, a prominent advocate of the green fashion movement, criticized the fashion industry for being "incredibly wasteful and harmful to the environment." In the U.S., 84 percent of discarded clothes winds up in an incinerator or landfill. As EcoWatch previously reported , Americans' growing consumption of clothing has doubled to 14 million tons per year in less than two decades.

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