Some Practical Guidelines For Choosing Indispensable Aspects In Korea

Some Practical Guidelines For Choosing Indispensable Aspects In Korea



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Escaping From North Korea, and Leaping Into the Future - CityLab

Cho still doesn’t like Seoul, especially the traffic and air pollution. Some North Koreans who arrive in the South have little experience traveling in motor vehicles and discover that they get nauseous riding in cars. In Cho’s hometown, motorized vehicles were only used for farming, and only by farmers lucky enough to have the money to buy them. The leap into modernity can be jarring when you’ve come from a place where public transportation can mean flagging down a tractor pulling a trailer. Negotiating the ever-expanding Seoul Metropolitan Subway, which has nine lines in the city and more spreading out to the region, can be a bewildering adventure. The system carries more than 7 million passengers a day, making it one of the busiest and best public transportation systems in the world. In North Korea’s capital of Pyongyang, the nation’s first and only subway system has only 16 stations, two lines, and is mostly famous for being built nearly 350 feet underground in order to withstand a bomb attack. Most North Koreans have never set foot in it. Koon Kim, 38, first arrived in Seoul as an 18-year-old.

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